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We are no longer hosting Outdoor Yoga Classes at the Library but we’d love to have you join us in-studio.

Check out our in-studio schedule here: CLICK HERE

White Lotus Yoga Studio was Named 2018 MINDBODY Visionary!


This award recognizes businesses in the health and wellness industry who are helping their communities live healthier and happier lives. Thank you to all of our customers and the community for supporting us!

We’ve had a lot of fun this summer getting outside and connecting with nature with our outdoor yoga events in the neighboring communities, including: Yoga at Stony Creek Metropark, Romeo District Library and Westview Orchards.  Check our Facebook page or the Workshops page in your online account for more events like these throughout the year.

White Lotus at Romeo District Library

Yoga on the lush lawn of our neighbor, Romeo District Library, every Monday evening has been a great outdoor escape in the Summer. White Lotus offers free classes at Romeo Library in the summer.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook for upcoming events!

White Lotus at Westview Orchards

Over 60 yogis had an OMtastic time for our first yoga event at Westview Orchards!  We took a wagon ride out to a tranquil area of the orchard to practice among the trees and then enjoyed a glass of wine and appetizers in the Westview Winery.  Join us for more Yoga In the Orchard monthly thru Fall.

White Lotus at Blakes Orchard


White Lotus packed the house at Blakes Orchard! After our class we enjoyed a great meal and mimosas!

White Lotus In The News

“Since 2008, Peggy Klauer, owner of White Lotus Yoga, has offered classes in yoga, geared toward cultivating a person’s physical and mental health and now, White Lotus Yoga plans to offer more at an expanded, new location in Washington Township. Klauer was born and raised in Romeo and is no stranger to booming business, as her father was one of the original founding business owners in Romeo with Lock’s Cleaners. Klauer’s father, Marshall Lock, owned and operated the cleaners for 70 years until his death in 2000, and the business is still there. Klauer built the business at White Lotus Yoga herself, and she’s been practicing personal yoga for about 20 years now. Her experience, the demand for yoga classes and the desire for wellness services has allowed Klauer to open this new location, which is nearly three times the size of her original studio, also on Van Dyke in Washington Township.”

CLICK HERE to read the full story by Erica Rakowicz on the Advisor & Source website!

Starting Each Day With a Happy Breath in Local Schools

Image 1-13-18 at 12.03 AM (1)

White Lotus is helping kids in local schools throughout metro-Detroit find balance in their world by learning to use their “Happy Breath.” Check out the below photo of a recent visit White Lotus owner Peggy and team made to several classrooms of fourth graders at Harvey Elementary School in Utica.

“Happy Breath” is a simple breathing and relaxation technique created by Peggy to teach people of all ages how to realize inner balance and contentment through our own breath. Upon finding one’s Happy Breath, we create a sense of Balance Within. Happy Breath can be taught to anyone anywhere including schools, community centers, workplaces and healthcare centers nationwide – and it all begins with YOU!

Our goal is to bring Happy Breath to as many children as possible, so that they can learn these simple techniques at an early age, in order to maintain peace and balance in their world throughout their lives. Visit the Happy Breath page to learn more!

If you or someone you know is interested in having a Happy Breath session at your location, contact us to request a FREE visit: mailto:www.whitelotusyogastudio@gmail.com or (586) 752-2700.


White Lotus Gives Back

Kiran Wingelaar, who resides in Washington, MI with her husband Roger, is a yoga student at White Lotus and she told Peggy the story of NJS.  Kiran’s mother, Iris Wilkinson, lives in India and started taking in infants found on the streets of Nagpur which quickly became overwhelming so she decided to create an adoption agency for the children to find homes.  From there the idea grew, and in 2003 Iris and a partner built a school with a hostel for children who needed education, nourishment and a place to stay.  This was the humble beginning of Nav-Jeevan School.

Kiran’s sister Anteea helps run the school and Kiran and Roger visit India for several months each year to donate their time and services to the school.  When Kiran told Peggy about the opportunity to work with the children of NJS she jumped at the chance, and Peggy and her son, Eric Klauer, quickly planned a trip to Nagpur to join Kiran and her family.

Peggy spent time teaching the children Yoga, Meditation and finding their Happy Breath to create Balance Within. “Happy Breath” is a simple technique Peggy created for realizing a sense of inner balance through our breath, which she also regularly teaches in her yoga classes at White Lotus.


Peggy and Eric also personally delivered several boxes of boys and girls clothing items the yogis of White Lotus Yoga Studio generously donated when they learned of Peggy’s trip. The children need simple items, such as shoes and socks, the things we often take for granted.

“The joy of being at NJS has no words to describe it,” said Peggy.  “Seeing these happy children rise from the inconceivable conditions they were confronted with in their young lives is something I wish everyone could experience.  It’s humbling and a stark reality compared to how we perceive living in comfort here in the United States. The children’s possessions consist of a cot to sleep on, very few clothes and a fishing tackle box where they keep whatever few personal items they may own.  Some sleep on the floor. They wash clothes outside on a cement block.  These bright, exuberant children have so little yet are so appreciative of all.”

Yet this is a drastic improvement from the deplorable conditions these children came from living on the streets of India, homeless and abandoned with little to nothing to eat – and every child is so grateful!  The children laugh, play and study like all children and it is a pleasure to see them look healthy, gain weight, read their English books and play on the computer.”

“Happiness is a choice in the moment,” said Peggy.  “Happiness is right NOW, making the choice to quiet the mind and dwell within the state of truth. It’s feeling the gift we have within, which lies in that space between thoughts and breath.  Breath, or Happy Breath, is what leads us to that space.  Outside objects, words or actions are things, and things are not something we need to rely on in order to experience true happiness.

To me the energy of India was the vibe of the universe, a very peaceful vibe,” said Peggy.  “When I saw, heard and felt the true existence of the reality these children have I was struck by their joy as they practiced yoga with me.  I saw a simple wisdom that lies within them wherein they understand the state of balance, which is happiness under all situations knowing it’s just an existence of the three dimensional world. They learn this with each step, each breath and then fall into the rhythms of pure state happiness despite all that comes at them.  Living with the ethic code of non-judgement, non-reaction to live in the existence of true self which is true state and true compassion.”

“Since I’ve returned from my trip and tell others here back at home about my experiences at NJS, I’m astonished by the outpouring of compassion from family, friends and White Lotus students who want to help!” said Peggy.  “That’s why we decided to do a Yogathon Donation Drive at White Lotus on April 26 to give people in the community who haven’t yet experienced the many benefits of yoga a chance to try it, while at the same time coming together to support a great cause.”

A Child’s New Life Foundation is the tax deductible organization here in the U.S. where donations can be deposited to benefit the children of NJS. The funds are used for staples for the children such as milk and fruit or clothing.

Those interested can learn more and make either a one-time donation, or a small monthly donation directly to the foundation by visiting Nav-Jeevan’s website!


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