Interested in becoming a yoga instructor? Learn about the White Lotus Teacher Training Program.

Meet our team of White Lotus yoga instructors:


Peggy Klauer, ERYT, White Lotus Owner

Peggy brings a beautiful balance of intensity and grace by way of breath and postures to each therapeutic class, thus allowing one’s own healing powers to inspire each practice. She teaches with joy and compassion. Her joy has been teaching for over twenty years and she continues her ongoing studies of the science and philosophies of yoga. Upon leaving her class you will have touched on your freedom ~ inner balance.


Tammy Bedard, RYT

I walked into White Lotus for the first time on October 7, 2013, fell in love with the practice, and have been there almost every day since!  Finding Yoga has brought physical, emotional, and mental balance to my hectic lifestyle.  My thirst to want to learn more and deepen my practice led me to obtain my RYT200 Certification in the Spring of 2015.  It was then my real journey of self-discovery began and my practice reached a completely different level.  In the Fall of 2015, we moved to the new studio and Peggy added a room with hammocks hanging from the ceiling! I remember thinking, “OH GOODNESS!!  My new playground!!”.  In November 2015, a handful of us was certified as AIReal Yoga™ Instructors.

My passion is building core strength which I believe to be the foundation of our practice.  Whether in a Hot Flow or hanging in the AIReal™ hammocks, let’s crank up the music and start that journey to a healthier, stronger you!  Most importantly, we will have fun in the process!


Natasha Woodcock, RYT

Natasha did her RYT200 Hr Teacher Training course in Thailand through Mahi Yoga. She is now a certified Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. She found her passion for yoga as a relief from the stress of being a former Kindergarten Teacher. She has taken her knowledge of being a former school teacher and transformed into a beautiful Yoga Teacher. She believes yoga is for everyone and truly believes in the life-changing benefits of practicing yoga. She is a compassionate, kind person and it shines through in her teaching. She brings her students into a blissfully calm state by bringing her students into the present moment by connecting them with their breath.


Taylor Driscoll, RYT

Hello all! My name is Taylor Driscoll and I have been teaching yoga since 2016. I also have a background in physical therapy.
It is my absolute pleasure and honor to be a yoga teacher. “Yoga” is union. To me this means that yoga is any practice that brings harmony to the many aspects of the Self. In my mind there is no limit to what could be considered yoga. What I attempt to offer in class is a safe and supportive space for us to explore the different aspects of ourselves, and to practice tuning in to the guidance that exists within each of us. Every class has a totally different vibe, matching the energy of the room and whoever is present. In my journey so far, I have encountered many different approaches to releasing restrictions and I try to incorporate whatever techniques I sense may be useful in that moment. We may sweat, cry, laugh, and we are encouraged to make noise and take up space, honoring our true experience with expression.
It is my highest honor to take part in the healing experience of yoga with you, and I am looking forward to seeing you in class!


Catherine Lynn Richardson-Bristol, ERYT

Catherine’s Journey with yoga began at a young age with an early interest in meditation. She believes that by following the path of yoga, you can find access to your own genie (genius) from within and make your wishes your reality, that is what the name Yogini Genie is all about. She has traveled to India and brought back a balanced energy that she shares with all. She has been teaching yoga for 8 years now and finished her teacher training in 2012. Yogini Genie is a natural intuitive artist who is able to channel the flow from source with focused intention as to what’s needed for the group, this is where her lasted project Spiral Dancer was born in early 2017. Wither her set of seven quartz crystal singing bowls she helps to open, clear, and balance the bodies seven main chakras. In 2015, Catherine helped launch Green Touches Garden to help spread awareness of organic practices and growing your own food. In 2016, she finished school to become a national board certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Herbalist, Nutritionist and also attained a holistic Doula certification in North Carolina with The Matrona.


stephanie n (1)

Stephanie Naddaf, RYT

Before yoga, I had felt somewhat disconnected from myself and lost in the world. Physical discomfort to mental agitations or worries were normal, everyday occurrences. I felt out of control of my life. Losing sight of who I truly was underneath all the emotions, thoughts, and pains in the body. However, through this practice, there is a power that reawakens within us, for it was always there and always will be. By learning to connect with our breath and bodies, to detach from the thoughts and come into the present that is the NOW- we are able to find peace & stillness. The lessons we learn on our mats such as patience, compassion, and acceptance, not only carry out into our lives, but also transform our lives. Through years of personal experience with the practice and immense inner growth- I have come to be a teacher. Sharing this universal knowledge and practice with others is not only a joy but an honor. Together we can learn to break down our walls, let go of any self-limiting beliefs/thought patterns/habits- and in turn remember everything that we truly are.


Susi Pacitto, RYT

Susi has been practicing yoga for almost 10 years and received her RYT 200 Certification through Yoga Alliance and her Teacher Training with White Lotus Yoga Studio. First turning to yoga as a stress release, she was quickly drawn in by the strength, flexibility, freedom of movement, the power and the challenge she came to love in her regular Hot Vinyasa classes. Now, as a yoga teacher, she is excited to share this passion in her teaching to help others see their potential of strength and find what they may have thought impossible to be possible. Susi also received her 50 Hour AIReal Yoga™ Teacher Training at White Lotus Yoga Studio and has been teaching AIReal Yoga™ since Spring of 2017.


Randi Betcher, RYT

Randi was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula where she graduated from Northern Michigan University. That’s where she fell in love with yoga when she took a semester-long yoga class as a requirement. She then knew she wanted to teach yoga one day but never thought it was possible. Then several years later the opportunity arose when she joined White Lotus Yoga studio. Yoga was a way of bringing peace and balance into her life after being a stay at home mom for five years. She now wants to spread the love and passion to others. She attained her 200-hour RYT through White Lotus in 2018!


Leah Hobbs, RYT

I started doing yoga a few years ago to relax after lifting weights and I quickly fell in love with how it made me feel. I decided to do the Teacher Training program with White Lotus and graduated in Jan. of 2018. I am certified with Yoga Alliance as RYT 200. I love sharing my passion of yoga & weights with my students. I’m here to show all my students that weights aren’t scary and anyone can do it!


Carrie Sutter, RYT

I first walked into White Lotus in February 2018. I had never practiced in a studio before, and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found an amazing, supportive group of students and teachers who have been an absolute inspiration to me ever since. I have found so much peace, joy, and freedom through my yoga practice, and I hope to share this with my students.



Kaila Dukicin, RYT

My journey with yoga started as a way to relieve stress, shoulder and lower back pain. As my practice deepened it not only brought peace to my body, but also beautiful souls into my life, created space in my mind, and given me so much love for myself and others. Through teaching I hope to offer those same gifts to my students. I look forward to practicing with you all!


Shelby Wilkerson, RYT

I came to yoga in high school as an active way to give my body a break after many years of ballet and multiple injuries, and never came off my mat! I have always been interested in health and wellness, with a focus on easy, preventative measures that people can bring into their lives to keep their bodies and minds happy. Yoga has been the perfect blend of my love for movement and creativity and has helped me find balance and joy. I am new to the White Lotus family, and just began practicing here this Summer of 2020, after moving from Annapolis, Maryland. When I first joined, I was not actively looking to commit to a teacher training, but I quickly fell in love with the people and practice at this studio. Yoga has provided me a sense of ownership and contentment in my body, and I hope through my teaching journey I can share that with others. Outside of class, I love writing poetry, making new veggie creations in the kitchen, and goofing off with the people I love. I’m so excited to continue learning with the White Lotus Community, and meet more of the beautiful people here!


Madison Miles, RYT

I began my yoga journey at White Lotus in June of 2018. I had been a competitive dancer at the time, and found yoga to be a practice in which I could relax both my body and mind when I was training heavily. I fell in love with the practice, healed many parts of myself through it, and knew I wanted to continue my education and spread my love and knowledge to others. I am now taking the Yoga Teacher Training at White Lotus Healing & Yoga, along with attending Oakland University for environmental science, and continuing to dance. As a full time student athlete, I use yoga as a therapeutic practice for both the mind and body, focusing on inner balance and self-love.”

Kat Adams, RYT

After 28 years of teaching public school and several health issues, Kat retired from education, started practicing yoga, and never looked back!  Through yoga, Kat has learned to honor her body, mind, and spirit…letting go of things that no longer serve her, and strengthening the things that do.  She loves the gentleness of yoga as a means to reduce stress, as well as the ability to build strength and flexibility through breath and movement.  Developing her yoga practice has truly been a transformational journey.

Kat finds true joy in yoga and the only thing she loves more than practicing yoga is teaching it to others.  She is excited to share her passion for teaching and to help others find the same joy in their practice.  Kat is White Lotus Yoga Studio trained, Reiki certified, and RYT 200 Certified through Yoga Alliance.  She taught an Introduction to Yoga Workshop and now teaches Yin, Yin/Yang, Basic, and Vinyasa Flow.  Join Kat on the mat for a class filled with breathwork, movement, and joy!

Julie Popadich, RYT

Julie was introduced to yoga in 2014 and was immediately drawn to the practice for the physical, mental and spiritual benefits.  Yoga has taught her how to listen and become more in tune with her body.  Julie received her yoga teaching certification in 2015 in hopes to share the joy of honoring our mind, body and spirit.  For Julie and her students, this means encouraging her students to connect the yoga movements with the breath while finding their edge and eventually coming into a flowing meditative state.   She believes, when we take this time for ourselves, we are better prepared for life off of the mat.  We learn to enjoy life at each moment, not dwell on what happened or fear what might happen.  We are here to live in the now, be grateful, humble and kind to each other as we are all doing our best with what tools we have been given.  Julie is always looking for opportunities to learn and grow in the yoga world and enjoys sharing her findings with her students so that we can all live our best life.  When she is not focused on yoga, Julie appreciates spending time embracing the outdoors with her family or attending one of her many childrens’ events.   

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