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Event: Yoga, Attunement and Crystal Singing Bowl Immersion with Taylor and Christopher

When: Saturday, January 29th 6-8PM

Cost: $30 Per Person

Register Online by CLICKING HERE. 

Please join us for a relaxing and intimate evening of wellness. We offer a powerful combination of movement, meditation, sound and touch to assist you in your unique healing processes and energetic circulation. Intentional influence of vibration is the key to harmonizing our many bodies – together we will create a sacred space and time.


Event: Kids Yoga Class with Landin

When: Monday Jan. 31st 5:15 – 6:15PM

Cost: $15 Per Child

Register Online by CLICKING HERE. 

Parents can attend the Flow Class in the other practice room at the same time, so the whole family gets their Yoga! (Parents Class is a $20 Drop-In Fee!)

The kids will be lead through a Basic Yoga Class to help them relax, develop body awareness, find their inner balance, build confidence, concentration, and just have some fun.

Children are natural yogis so this is a great opportunity to let them express themselves in a fun atmosphere. Yoga helps bring to the surface that marvelous inner light that all children have so they shine bright and know that they are AMAZING!

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Event: Together We Thrive – Free Yoga Teacher Workshop with Carrie and Kaila

When: Saturday Feb. 19th 1-2:30PM

Cost: FREE

Register Online by CLICKING HERE. 

Join White Lotus Yoga Instructors Carrie and Kaila for an inspiring workshop focused on helping you flourish and thrive as a yoga teacher 👊

This workshop is for you if…
✔️You want to connect with a community of teachers who you can bounce your ideas off of
✔️You are seeking inspiration for themes or ideas for your yoga classes
✔️You want to find your voice and build your confidence as a teacher
✔️You want to create creatively sequenced classes that are adaptable based on your students

Our mission is to help yoga teachers – new and seasoned alike – build their confidence and skills as teachers, so they can impact as many lives as possible while making a nourishing income doing what they love.

In this workshop we will guide a group discussion and offer resources and tools to support you in building your confidence as a yoga teacher.

Tell your friends!! If you know a yoga teacher who wants to boost their teaching skills and/or just wants to connect with other yoga teachers — tell them about this workshop.

We are so excited to meet you!



Event: Healing Rites of The Munay-Ki Workshop with Shaman Joe Pahl

When: This powerful transformation will take place over two separate sessions.

  • Part I: Saturday, March 26th from 1 – 5PM
  • Part II: Saturday, May 28th  from 1 – 5PM

Cost: $85 cost includes attendance at both March/May sessions and all workshop materials, including a DVD and a Pi Stone selected especially for you.

Register Online by CLICKING HERE. 

Illuminate Your Spirit, Open Your Heart with ancient Healing Rites of Awakening of the Munay-Ki
The Munay-Ki are a series of nine Empowerment Rites of Awakening passed down from the ancient Shamans of Peru. “Munay” means “love and will“ together with “ki“ from the Japanese word for energy, combine to give the meaning: Energy of Love.
Shaman Joe will educate the group about the “Great Rites of Enlightenment” of the Munay-Ki and perform the nine Rites for each participant amongst the support of the group. Receiving these deep healing Rites is a very uplifting and personal experience to help you realize your sacred space, illuminate your spirit, open your heart, and align with your highest Self.



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