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Event: Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level I & II Attunement & Certification 


  • Part I: Reiki Level I – Friday, October 16th from 5:30 – 9PM
    • Cost: $175 Per Person
  • Part II: Reiki Level II – Saturday, October 17th from 1-6PM

    • Cost: $175 Per Person

CostRegister for both Reiki I & Reiki II for only $300 ($50 savings)

Register Online by Clicking Here. 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality for the mind and body – a practice of channeling universal life energy with healing light and love.  Activating healing energy involves opening and tuning the heart, third eye, and crown chakras to higher frequencies. Once attuned to Reiki, you can apply this healing practice to yourself and others as well as complement your Yoga practice.

Reiki Master, Peggy Klauer, will guide you in meditations connecting to higher light vibrations, provide initiation through Usui Reiki lineage, and teach the guidelines for a healing energy practice. You will learn application and practice of symbols, chakra balancing and working with natural healing energy.

Peggy received Reiki Master Level from William Lee Rand, founder of the
International Center for Reiki Training. Upon completion of the course you
will receive a signed certificate of completion for your Reiki I or II certification.

Attend one or both Reiki I or Reiki II sessions depending upon your current
Reiki experience.  Reiki Level I is a beginner class open to all.  However,
you must be certified at Reiki Level I to attend the Reiki II session.

If not already Reiki certified, we highly recommend attending both sessions
consecutively to continue the flow of the higher vibration from your Reiki I
attunement to the following Reiki II session and to optimize the healing
energy you receive in each class.  The effects are so amazing you won’t want the journey to end!


Event: Chakra Balancing Workshop Series w/ Crystal Singing Bowls

When: 7 Week Series – Fridays, October 9th – November 20th 7:30 – 8:30PM

Cost: $111 for all 7 Weeks OR $20 Drop In Fee (SPACE IS LIMITED DUE TO NEW RESTRICTIONS)

Register Online by Clicking Here.

This 7-Week Workshop series, held on consecutive Fridays, will focus on a different Chakra each week. Chakras are our internal power centers that move energy in and out of our bodies. We will be using crystal bowl tuned specific to each chakra along with a few asanas, mudras, essential oils, bijou mantras, and visualization techniques designed of the charka we are focusing on for the week. Whether you want to focus on one or a few chakra centers, this workshop will help to open and balance all energies in the body.

Attend all 7 sessions to create harmony and balance throughout the body, or drop-in on weeks of your choice:

Wk. 1 Friday, October 9th: Muladhara Root Chakra for feeling grounded, safe and secure

Wk. 2 Friday, October 16th: Svadhistana Sacral Chakra for regulating our physical desires

Wk. 3 Friday, October 23rd: Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra for sensing your personal power

Wk. 4 Friday, October 30th: Anahata Heart Chakra for moving love through your life

Wk. 5 Friday, Nov. 6th: Visuddha Throat Chakra for expression and communication

Wk. 6 Friday, Nov. 13th: Ajna Brow Chakra (Third Eye) for intuition

Wk. 7 Friday, Nov. 20th: Sahasrara Crown Chakra for spiritual union

*No yoga experience necessary and just for fun you can wear the color of rainbow to match chakra of the week (ex. Red for root, orange next, then yellow etc…) if you have something already but not mandatory!


Event: Healing Rites of The Munay-Ki Workshop with Shaman Joe Pahl


  • Part I: Sunday, November 15th  12:30 – 5:00PM
    Part II: Sunday, December 13th  12:30 – 5:00PM

Cost: $85 cost includes attendance at both Nov/Dec sessions and all workshop materials, including a DVD and a Pi Stone selected especially for you.

Register Online by Clicking Here.

Illuminate Your Spirit, Open Your Heart with ancient Healing Rites of Awakening of the Munay-KiThe Munay-Ki are a series of nine Empowerment Rites of Awakening passed down from the ancient Shamans of Peru. “Munay” means “love and will“ together with “ki“ from the Japanese word for energy, combine to give the meaning: Energy of Love.

Shaman Joe will educate the group about the “Great Rites of Enlightenment” of the Munay-Ki and perform the nine Rites for each participant amongst the support of the group. Receiving these deep healing Rites is a very uplifting and personal experience to help you realize your sacred space, illuminate your spirit, open your heart, and align with your highest Self. This powerful transformation will take place over two separate sessions.

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