What People Are Saying About White Lotus Yoga Studio

“Perfect.. you are about 45 minutes away from us but I would be willing to drive because I’ve heard such great things about your studio. Ty for your quick response in your help I appreciate it and we will definitely see you soon” – Ami Estapa Morrison

“Left White Lotus Healing & Yoga feeling extra blissed out today after a massage from Amanda! I’m lost for words but if you need to relax GO SEE HER … she’s an angel on earth” – Megan Baumgarten

What People Are Saying About White Lotus’ Teacher Training Program

“Kim is such a wonderful teacher!! Everyone is loving her. You sure do train the best around!” – Jana Schultz, Owner of Port Huron Yoga

“I am so grateful for this extraordinary experience in my yoga journey to have happened at White Lotus…. A remarkable place and space, teaching you self love and the beauty that lies within all of us.  I feel truly blessed to have found White Lotus and for it to find me.  Truly a life changing experience.” – Susi Pacitto

“Teacher training was a transcendental experience for my mind, body, & soul. I became a natural teacher & learned so much about the yoga philosophy. I met so many amazing people & we all shared the journey together. It’s something I’ll remember
for the rest of my life.” – Chris Baba

“Teacher training opened my eyes to the world around me and in doing so it allowed me to create a better version of myself. I now not only love myself, but I put a heart around my life, emotions, fears, downfalls, and accomplishments and I sparkle because of it.” – Ryann Coenen

“This has been such a transformative experience, not only physically but personally spiritually and psychologically. This program is more than just asanas and sequences, but teaches us how to embody the Yoga Sutras.” – Allison Brewer

“I am forever grateful for this experience. It has changed me in such profound ways and it has set me on this amazing journey that will continue to impact the rest of my life. My eyes are truly open for the first time.” – Jolynn Prohm


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