What People Are Saying About White Lotus Yoga Studio

Had an AMAZING experience at White Lotus. Peggy is so very welcoming, very kind and sweet. The studio is extremely clean and you feel very much at peace here. I highly recommend this studio. I love the variety of classes!” – Jennifer Goclik

“I cannot say enough about the positive impact that this studio has had on my life and my well being. I have found so much beautiful community, self- love, strength and motivation here. Try a few classes and see for yourself…it’s likely you’ll become hooked too! Thank you to the amazing staff for what you put in to make this happen. ❤️” – Melanie Stager

White Lotus Yoga Studio is my happy place. I have been through a lot in the years that I have been going to the studio. It helps me to have a safe and healing place to go. The teachers are amazing and the classes are amazing. I’m able to go and shed the stuff that doesn’t serve me any more. I leave better than when I came. Yoga saves my life. Thank you to all of you and your beautiful safe haven.” -Marie Grace

“White Lotus has always been my home yoga studio. When I walk in, I am enveloped in serenity and peace. After a yoga class here, all the tension I’ve been holding in my body is gone. My mind can finally relax. I love White Lotus and highly recommend this studio.” – Kelly Coleman

“Left White Lotus Healing & Yoga feeling extra blissed out today after a massage from Brooke! I’m lost for words but if you need to relax GO SEE HER … she’s an angel on earth” – Megan Motoligin

What People Are Saying About The White Lotus Yoga Studio Teacher Training Program

“Kim is such a wonderful teacher!! Everyone is loving her. You sure do train the best around!” – Jana Schultz, Owner of Port Huron Yoga

“White Lotus Yoga is a great studio to get trained, Peggy is wonderful in her teaching and training various teaching techniques, her knowledge in Yoga practices is unique and super. She brings a sense of calm and peace and once in her class, we become so immersive that time flies at the speed of light without our awareness. White Lotus training brings awareness how much we are obsessed externally and makes us look who we are inside and focus on our true inner self, self-love and how to make our mind enter into one point focus by dismantling external obsessions. We have made deep dive into theory of Patanjali’s’ Yoga Sutras and how to apply them to self. To state a few, I have loved the various breathing techniques taught by Peggy, and anatomy by Taylor was so revealing and bared how sneaky is stress to our body and mind and how important is active movement and non-passive breathing in our life even if we are not practicing asanas. I do not have enough words to emphasize how much I enjoyed the studio, various teachers’ knowledge and experience. This training is not just limited to become a teacher but makes you superior peace-loving citizen of the world radiating love in all directions.”

Vijay Gandham, Fall Teacher Training 2021

“The White Lotus Teacher Training Program was life-changing. It was a comprehensive program that covered anatomy, asana, breathing, meditation, history & philosophy, teaching methodology and so much more! I fell even more in love with yoga, but more importantly, I learned to love myself. I graduated feeling confident, inspired, renewed and passionate. The program director, Peggy, is absolute magic. She is the true embodiment of yoga. She has a way of getting people into that space where they can connect with their true selves and access that inner light. I feel so fortunate to have studied under her and look forward to a long career of helping others on their journey of self-love and acceptance through yoga.”

Kim Stansbury, Fall Teacher Training 2021

“The White Lotus Yoga Teacher Training program was the best decision I ever made for myself. It was the path of self-discovery that I’ve been needing for a long time. The first time I walked into the studio I had already made up my mind I wanted to do teacher training there, and my experience there only affirmed it 1,000%. The studio itself has amazing energy. It’s amazing to watch as people walk in the front door and immediately exhale a sigh of relief. All of the teachers and students are incredibly warm and welcoming and friendly. The studio easily becomes an extension of our family and home and it’s the ideal environment for immersing yourself in a teacher training program. Previously, I practiced yoga for 10 years (on and off) and this program immersed me into it. I wish I did it 10 years ago! The curriculum was a good mix of yoga philosophy, anatomy, asanas, and teaching. I would do it again in a heartbeat! I only wish I took advantage of the AIReal yoga more during the training program while it was included!”

Colleen Campbell,  Spring Teacher Training 2019

“Overall, the training exceeded my expectations. The experience has enriched my life tremendously. With Peggy’s assistance, my personal idea of becoming a teacher of yoga, initially a curiosity, transformed itself into a real live passion. The White Lotus teacher training took my practice to an entirely new level.”

Michael Bonne, Spring Teacher Training 2019

“A very rewarding experience, I had no idea what this was going to mean to me. Positive teacher Peggy gave me encouragement along the way throughout the training as did all the teachers at White Lotus. Best experience I’ve had in a long time. Thank you with all my heart to all at White Lotus teachers who gave me such a drive. All so magical. I have learned so much on this journey. This practice has taught me to be a better person, balanced, and calmer. I want to share and teach my experiences with others.” -Shari Wilk, Fall Teacher Training 2019

“I am so grateful for this extraordinary experience in my yoga journey to have happened at White Lotus…. A remarkable place and space, teaching you self love and the beauty that lies within all of us.  I feel truly blessed to have found White Lotus and for it to find me.  Truly a life changing experience.” – Susi Pacitto

“Teacher training was a transcendental experience for my mind, body, & soul. I became a natural teacher & learned so much about yoga philosophy. I met so many amazing people & we all shared the journey together. It’s something I’ll remember
for the rest of my life.” – Chris Baba

“Teacher training opened my eyes to the world around me and in doing so it allowed me to create a better version of myself. I now not only love myself, but I put a heart around my life, emotions, fears, downfalls, and accomplishments and I sparkle because of it.” – Ryann Coenen

“This has been such a transformative experience, not only physically but personally spiritually and psychologically. This program is more than just asanas and sequences, but teaches us how to embody the Yoga Sutras.” – Allison Brewer

“I am forever grateful for this experience. It has changed me in such profound ways and it has set me on this amazing journey that will continue to impact the rest of my life. My eyes are truly open for the first time.” – Jolynn Prohm

“Peggy helps you find things you didn’t know you had in yourself and gave me confidence, direction and hope for the future. I feel so at home here and have never felt this comfortable in any other studio.  The second I walked into White Lotus I just felt great energy and that feeling only grew stronger throughout the entire Teacher Training program.”

“I’d been practicing yoga for about a year at White Lotus when I entered the teacher training program.  The physical, spiritual and emotional transformation from the benefits of yoga and meditation had already begun in me, so I knew the training program was the next step.  This experience has truly changed my outlook on life in such a profound way.  I found my calling as a yoga teacher and true bliss in having the opportunity to teach the beautiful gift of yoga to others and the health and happiness that come with it.  Peggy Klauer is an amazing individual and mentor for whom I have the utmost admiration and respect.   I am eternally grateful to Peggy and all of the wonderful instructors at White Lotus. Namaste.”

“Students in this program are given all the tools necessary to be an amazing yoga teacher.  Peggy is so knowledgeable and the many contributions of the other instructors made the program well rounded.  I learned so much in such a short time!”

“White Lotus Teacher Training has taught me to be in the present and let go which has been huge for me.  I now look forward to the future with optimism, feel at peace with the past and the journey to where I am today.  Words cannot adequately express how this experience has changed me!”

“The energy, the learning, love, friendship, Samadhi, true happiness, fun, health and compassion – all made my teacher training experience at White Lotus so rewarding.  This experience truly enriched my life and opened me to a new way of understanding and appreciation.  Deepest gratitude.”

“Peggy and all of the teachers at White Lotus are so personable, down-to-earth and approachable which is so important when you come to a yoga class and are in a learning environment.”

“Teacher training helped me find a deeper meaning in life and has inspired me to stay dedicated to my practice and be a bright shining light out into the world!”

“Peggy Klauer’s commitment, love and devotion to yoga and her students is a beautiful gift!”

“Sundays at Teacher Training became the best part of my week – a day that everybody looks forward to!  Our entire class bonded and created a sisterhood.  We created a family and we’re all there for each other.  Teacher Training has so much to offer.  It’s a feeling that’s irreplaceable and will benefit you no matter what stage of life you’re in.  This experience has been a great asset to my life.”

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