Beginning Yogis

We recommend starting with one of the Basic classes as an introduction to yoga, basic postures and breathing technique. For additional variety you may also explore any of the Yin or Yin & Yang classes which are also appropriate for beginners.

Our average class temperature is a comfortable 75 degrees. Yin classes are slightly cooler which is more conducive to deep stretching of connective tissues and joints. Temperatures for our “Hot” classes range between 80-85 degrees to gently heat up the muscles for greater flexibility. Note that we are not a Bikram studio and our class temperature does not exceed approximately 85 degrees, as we do not believe there are health benefits beyond this temperature range.


AIReal Yoga™

AIReal Yoga™ is similar to a traditional yoga practice but with the added benefit of a soft, fabric hammock suspended a few feet off the ground. Whether this is your first time taking an AIReal Yoga™ class or you have some experience, our instructors tailor each class to the needs of the participants attending that day. You will learn proper cues and placement of the hammock to make AIReal Yoga™ a safe and fun experience. Each class includes flowing postures, deep stretches, toning of the core and inversions for a safe way to open the body into a state of balance and health. CLICK HERE to visit our AIReal Yoga™ page to learn more.


An ancient form of yoga practice composed of a repetitious series of traditional postures. The combination of breath, energy locks and focus creates a moving meditation.

Basic / Intro

Basic/Intro Yoga is designed to introduce basic Yoga postures, breath and concentration techniques. Students are encouraged to work within their own unique ability and limitations. The perfect place to start for beginner yogis. This class will tone the body and create feelings of health, happiness and balance.

Candlelight Yin

The perfect class to drain away your tension at the end of the week. It welcomes all levels and is designed to melt anxiety and stress away into tranquility. Unwind with candlelight, relaxing music and a gentle yin yoga poses.


Flow combines breath and movement into a vigorous, challenging flow. For anyone looking to sweat, move to the music, and kick their asana up a notch or two, this class is for you (advanced levels recommended).

Hot Flow

Come together and crank it up! Vigorous breath, music and movement helps us explore our potential! Create heat as we move with the breath, linking postures together into powerful flows. Have fun working out both the body and the mind as we challenge ourselves to handle intense sensations safely. Finally, cool down, relax and let go, moving toward stillness and peace. The room is heated to approximately 80-85 degrees to gently heat up the muscles for greater flexibility. (advanced levels recommended).


Basic breathing and simple relaxation techniques to calm the mind and realize a meditative state. An opportunity for both beginners and experienced meditators alike to take time out as part of a healthy, supportive, like-minded community to share and explore your own personal path of migration.

Power Vinyasa Flow

Explore building strength, stamina, and flexibility with a creative seamless sequence of postures. Motivating music helps keep the pace as you are guided through a fun and challenging dynamic sequence of postures. Find balance by linking breath to movement, taking you on a mindful moving meditative journey. Framework is provided for a bit of time in each class to flow on your own to explore your own freedom of movement. This vigorous and faster paced ‘flow’ class will test your strength, balance, and flexibility, while creating internal heat — A great way to see what is possible and take you yoga journey to the next level. (Advanced levels recommended)

Slow Flow

Slow Flow  is a creative, therapeutic flow designed to bring balance to the body and the mind through holding poses and exploring what each pose has to offer you. When we slow down we relax the nervous system, we focus on our breath, & we become stronger mentally and physically.


Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine, creating a more flexible and toned core by holding seated postures for 3-5 minutes at a time. This type of practice complements the more muscular styles of Yoga, bringing even more balance into your practice. Yin yoga is a very therapeutic, slow moving class that is well suited to beginners as well as experienced yogis looking to balance their overall practice.

Yin & Yang

A short vinyasa flow balanced with a series of Yin postures. A perfect balance of standing and seated postures in a 60 minute class that is appropriate for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

Yoga & Weights

A complete, total body workout. Our Yoga & Weights class will tone and sculpt every major muscle group in your body. Add small, 3 or 5 pound dumbbells to specific postures and move deeper into each pose.


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