Virtual Yoga

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One Month of Unlimited Virtual Yoga: $45

Single Virtual Yoga Classes: $15

CLICK HERE to purchase

**Non-refundable, non-transferable. Starts the day you purchase.

AUTO-PAY MEMBERS FREE VIRTUAL ACCESS UNTIL WE ARE OPEN TO FULL CAPACITY. If you are an Auto-Pay Member and would like to add this free access onto your MindBody Account please e-mail us at whitelotusyogastudio@gmail.com and say you are interested.


– We are implementing a Book-To-View system. This means you MUST pre-register for the Virtual Class to receive the specific link for the class you are wanting to view. You cannot access the class without this emailed link. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Scroll down for step by step instructions on how to sign into a virtual class.

– You MUST have an accessible email on file. If you do not please email whitelotusyogastudio@gmail.com to inform us of the change.

-Up to 30 minutes before the class begins, you will receive an email with a direct link to join the live stream. It is essential that you sign up prior to this. We recommend no later than 30 minutes!

– All you need to join a live stream is a web browser. This means you can join your live streams from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, without needing any additional software or plugins.

– Volume Issues: During our Virtual Classes we have found that using headphones or connecting to a Bluetooth speaker enhances the quality and experience of the class!





Step 1: Sign up for the Virtual Class in MindBody.

Make sure you have signed up for the class you would like to take in our MindBody Scheduler using your MindBody Account prior to the 30 min. sign up window. Don’t have a MindBody Account yet? CLICK HERE to create an Account.

Step 2: Check your email for the live stream link.

Live stream links are sent out 30 minutes before the start of class. If you’re booking within the last 30 minutes, then you’ll receive the email within a minute or two.

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Step 3: Log in to the live stream class.

You will be emailed a link 30 Min. before the virtual class starts. Once you have clicked the link it will bring you to this login screen. Type in your MindBody Account information to login.

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You have a couple of login options here. You can log in with:

  • Your consumer mode login: This is the login you use to access the studio’s site on a web browser.
  • Your Mindbody account: This is the login you use on the Mindbody app or the business’s app.

If class hasn’t started yet, you’ll hang out in a waiting room. 

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Step 4: Set your camera and microphone preferences
Your browser will ask to access your camera and microphone. Choose Allow—We ask that you please keep your microphone OFF for the live stream class so you don’t interrupt the in-studio class session.

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Step 5: Join the class
When you’re ready to join the class, click Join at the top. (Make sure the Microphone is TURNED OFF!)

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You can click on the Full screen icon on the right to enlarge the video to full screen view during class.

When class is over, you can click Leave live stream, then Sign Out.

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Enjoy your virtual class with White Lotus!

Learn which internet browsers support Live stream functionality in the table below. 

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