Reopening FAQs

What are we doing to keep the studio clean?

We will be thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing all frequently touched areas every day. The Studio will also be providing hand sanitizer and wipes for you to use as well.

Do I need to wear a face mask while practicing Yoga?

We are requiring masks to be worn when entering and walking around the studio. However, once you have set your mat down and maintain the proper 6 ft. social distancing guideline, it will be your choice as to whether you would like to wear a mask. We also understand that these are fitness classes, and that wearing a mask may make breathing difficult. White Lotus Yoga Studio is a judgment free zone, please do what you are comfortable with. We will have disposable masks available for teachers and students for those of you who do not have one.

What are your social distancing guidelines while at the studio?

We have measured designated practice spots with the 6 foot distance guidelines between each mat. You will notice that the floor is clearly marked where mats can be placed. Please choose a spot and lay your mat on the floor in the marking. This will ensure everyone has a safe space to practice in. The teacher will stay at the front of the room, with designated walking space. At no time will you be within 6 feet of another person when following these protocols.

Classes will be led with verbal instruction and No hands on assists will be offered at this time. We are asking all members to maintain a 6-foot distance between themselves and others at the studio.

Am I able to use props for class?

All rental mats, blocks, straps, blankets and props have been removed from the studio. The only prop we are allowing at this time are Weights for the Yoga & Weights class. Please sanitize them with the provided wipes after every use. We recommend if you will need such props to bring them from home. We will have mats and supplies available for sale if you need.

What Services are not available yet?

Infrared Sauna will remain closed.

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