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Meet Stacie Bowden:

I’m a Transformational Coach certified in Evolved Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Reiki. I put my heart and soul into guiding others through their challenges to expose and create the life that is possible for them. I’m passionate about mental health, nutrition and illness, parenting struggling teens, and relationships, although the powerful modalities within NLP have no limit to what they can achieve. I’m honored to serve anyone who puts their faith in me to guide them.

Client’s love the Quantum Change Process (QCP) which is a transformative clearing that removes the source of the significant challenge that has been weighing you down and blocking you from gaining the experiences in life that you dream of.

Among individual session’s, I also offer coaching programs and a 6-week Breakthrough package. With a Breakthrough, you’ll experience a radical transformation that significantly impacts the core of who you are today. Whether you’re currently facing hardship in your relationship, career, health, mental health, spirituality, finances, and more; I will guide you to get past what is breaking you down, so you can BREAKTHROUGH to who you truly are.

**Special rates for White Lotus members!

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